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FootStock’s 10 Points of Proper Shoe Fit

1. SIZE! Buy fit, not size. Sizes vary among brands and styles so don’t worry if a shoe is not your "usual" size!


2. Buy shoes according to intended use. A dress shoe means one thing, a shoe for standing all day means another. A shoe for walking is a different matter. Your feet will thank you.


3. Select the shoe that is designed to support and fit your particular foot type. Your salesperson can help you with this.


4. Have both feet measured and fit the larger foot.


5. Have your new shoes fitted with the particular socks, hosiery, or stockings that you intend to wear with them.


6. Slipping in the heel does not always mean that a shoe is too big. It may mean that you have a flexible foot. Ask your salesperson for more information.


7. When standing, you should usually have 3/8” to 1/2” from your longest toe to the end of the shoe. Remember that your big toe may not be your longest toe.


8. If you have a wide and/or square shaped foot: alleviating pressure on the fifth toe (little toe) can be more important for fitting than fitting the longest toe.


9. Shoes should feel good when you buy them. Uncomfortable shoes will never “break in” or feel good later.


10. Take your time buying a new pair of shoes. Walk around the store and listen to your feet. Ask your salesperson if you have any questions about fit or feel!


Founded in 1992, FootStock has been providing women with quality fashion and comfort footwear for 25 years.     Privately owned and operated, we carry the best women's footwear the industry has to offer.
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