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Don’t Buy That Shoe Unless It Slips At The Heel!

Sounds like the wrong advice, doesn’t it? In many cases though, it is not. If you have a flexible, pronated, or flaccid (loose jointed) foot, a properly fitted shoe will tend to slip at the heel. This is particularly true until the shoe conforms to your foot with wear.


If you have one or more of these characteristics, your feet distribute weight differently. When you stand, your arch will roll downward, your instep will lower, and your heel will move forward. This will cause a shoe to slip when you lift your foot.


Millions of people with these foot types mistakenly buy shoes too short for their feet, thinking that a shoe which slips in the heel is too big. This can cause or exacerbate problems such as bunions, calluses, neuromas, swollen joints and hammertoes.


Don’t do it! Listen to your fitter. We are fitting you into the size that is best for your foot. Take care of your feet, you only get one pair!

Founded in 1992, FootStock has been providing women with quality fashion and comfort footwear for 25 years.     Privately owned and operated, we carry the best women's footwear the industry has to offer.
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